JC Gordon
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JC is the Global Ambassador and Pioneer
of the Philosopher Stone Treasures
& Infinite Intelligence Movement.

He is the Founder of The Philosophers Stone Academy of Divine Consciousness.

In 1994, he retired after a successful career as a banker and financial analyst.

Two years later, on June 25, 1996, he was killed by a chainsaw. While dead, during his afterlife experience, he was revealed the profundities of Infinite Intelligence and The Philosopher Stone Treasures.

Upon returning to life, he embarked on his twenty-three-year Infinite Intelligence internship from 1996-2019. During this time, he perfected The Infinite Intelligence- Philosopher Stone Treasures activation process he was downloaded while dead. He has helped many reverse their aging, achieve optimal wellness, unlock their personal monetary freedom and sense their mind and body have become immortal.

He has written fourteen books about his afterlife revelations and is today’s foremost authority on The Philosopher Stone Treasures and Infinite Intelligence.

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