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JC Gordon Philosophers Stone Monetary Freedom

JC is the Global Ambassador and Pioneer
of Infinite Consciousness – Philosopher Stone Treasures Movement.

He is the Founder of The Philosophers Stone Academy.

In 1994, he retired after a successful career as a banker and financial analyst.

Two years later, on June 25, 1996, he was killed by a chainsaw.

While dead, during his afterlife experience, he was revealed the wisdom of Infinite Consciousness and its Philosopher Stone Treasurers.

From 1996-2019, he embarked on his twenty-three-year Infinite Consciousness internship. During this time, he perfected The Angel Activation Process he was downloaded while dead, so the Philosopher’s Stone Treasures of Infinite Consciousness can be activated by anyone to complete their predestined purpose, passion and reason for being.

He has helped many activate their Angel Self – Philosopher Stone Treasures which reinstates physical youthfulness, reestablishes optimum wellness, creates an 8 – figure monetary legacy and generates the immortal transfiguration into a person’s predestined totality as God.

He has written fourteen books about his afterlife revelations and is today’s foremost authority on Infinite Consciousness and its Philosopher Stone Treasures.

JC Gordon Philosophers Stone Monetary Freedom

Becoming a Certified Angel Maker of Infinite Consciousness is life’s highest calling and honor.

TPSA’s Infinite Consciousness Angel Maker Certification Program trains you to unleash your passion, purpose and reason for being. It will transform your life as you help change the world beyond the energies of fear and negativity that limit and control.

As a CERTIFIED ANGEL MAKER of INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS, you will be a valuable member of today’s foremost community of “I AM” – Human Potential Specialists.

When certified, you will – earn while you learn – speaking and working with individuals, organizations and companies about the life-changing benefits of Infinite Consciousness and its Philosopher Stone Treasures. You will help others unlock their angelic predestined Philosopher Stone Treasures of youthfulness, optimum wellness, monetary freedom and immortality as God.

This certification program provides you with all the training and support to become the best you’ve always been meant to be.

Transform Your Life & Change the World!

Become the best you’re meant to be.

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Transforming you into the best you’re meant to be is why I was sent back from the dead.

JC Gordon
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